About Lorrie

I am a technical writer, an editor, publisher, and a poet, as well as a consultant on organizational development. I have nearly four decades of experience writing technical documents and reports for government and nonprofit agencies. My work includes 15 years in County government and 10 years as a freelance editor with State government. Along the way, I have written, edited and designed many newsletters, reports, and fundraising and promotional materials for community events. From my first grant proposal to now, I have loved the balance of technical skill, ability to follow (and write) precise, clear directions, as well as the creative side that allows for truthful, convincing storytelling.

My co-workers have described me as the combination of a relentless optimist and a practical romantic. These traits led me to help found, and fund, a shelter for domestic violence victims and their families, and three multi-agency community centers—as well as run a community garden and an arts and humanities council.

I have been involved in the nonprofit community since I sold my first candy bar at age twelve to help buy a new stove for a group home. During my six year tenure as Executive Director of a United Way I led successful fundraising campaigns that doubled our annual revenues to $1 million annually and increased volunteer involvement from 100 to 200 participants. I wrote proposals that resulted in the creation of a low cost office for United Way and an incubator for emerging service agencies. A new program to serve at-risk high school youth was innovative in engaging community professionals as group leaders. For these far-reaching actions, our agency was named the Outstanding Small-City United Way in America.

Since 1970, I have lived in northern Colorado, where I worked as a community organizer serving low income communities for over 25 years. I am also a fearless fundraiser for a good cause. I have secured and managed more than $15 million in grants for education and human services programs. One of my favorite things to do is to work with volunteers, which resulted in a career serving as a trainer for volunteer managers and agency leaders.

I am a lifelong learner and magna cum laude graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Spanish. Although I have been doing creative writing since third grade, I didn’t go public with my poetry until 2012. The first poem I ever submitted won an Honorable Mention in a statewide contest, and I’m still having a ball.

Photo of Lorrie Wolfe