Technical Writing

  • Reports
  • Position and White papers
  • Grant proposals
  • Fundraising copy
  • Business plans
  • Brochures

Technical writing involves getting to the heart of your work quickly and directly, while making the reader want to learn more. As a technical writer, I can make your writing concise and precise. There may be multiple “audiences” for your work, and they may have differing interests and purposes. Each profession has its own lingo — which may not make sense to the general reader. That’s when I can act as your “translator” to make complex ideas simple and accessible. I can make sure you address the needs of each audience.

Writing grant proposals takes another layer of skill — fitting your story into a limited amount of space. My job then is to condense your project into a convincing story, without losing any important data, in a way that takes up no more space than the funder’s rules allow.

I am certified in Federal Grants Management. My grant work has included raising and managing over $15 million in grants from Federal, state and local government, non-profit and private funders, individuals and capital campaigns. Topics I’ve addressed range from highway safety to health, higher education, arts and music, community development and even editing proposals on prosthetic feet and water and sewer systems.

Grant writing is one of my favorite kinds of technical writing, from that first idea to a polished proposal as well as the acceptance, performance and reporting needed once a grant is awarded.